2018 Workshops

Head, Hand, and Heart of Leadership

Kari Marken has worked as an educator around the world, from Turkey to Mexico to New York, for 20 years. For now, she’s situated at UBC as an Educational Designer at the Centre for Student Involvement & Careers. In this role, she informs the approach that UBC takes to its First Year Experience programs; she does so by aligning design processes, creative problem-solving, teaching, and story-telling strategies to enact the learning goals of people in groups, organizations, and systems. Marken will get you moving and using narrative approaches to explore personal stories of leadership and how you can bring your community into these stories to find spaces of belonging.

Diversity And Inclusion

Cicely Blain is a business management consultant based in Vancouver. She runs her own consulting firm, Cicely Blain Consulting, that specializes in diversity and inclusion. Cicely will be addressing how to give you the tools to include historically underrepresented voices in your advocacy and workplace.

Open Educational Resources

Christina Hendricks is Professor of Teaching in the Department of Philosophy and the Academic Director for the Centre for Teaching and Learning Technology at UBC. She’s previously worked in California on open educational resources research and has worked to improve the quality, and use of OER within the UBC faculty. She will be diving into student initiatives in Open and how to work with faculty and your university to champion this cause.

Opening Ceremony

Lev Bukhman is the founder and CEO of Studentcare, the leading provider of student health care in Canada. He also started out as a student union exec (a VP at SSMU!). He’s been on college campuses for around 28 years studying, founding a student start-up that became Studentcare while he was in law school, and since then has been working with student associations to serve over 800,000 students.


Peter Guo works at MNP as the BC Enterprise Risk Services Leader but he kicked off his career years ago in student politics. With three years of student leadership under his belt (including President of UTSU!), he’s been in our shoes and is here to tell you what you need to know about running an effective student organization. Hint: there’s a lot.

Public Relations

Jackie Asante works as the Senior Vice-President at FleishmanHillard HighRoad, focusing on strategic communications. Jackie works with the her clients to handle their media presence, collateral creation, and writing for publication. Jackie will be providing best practices for dealing with the university media climate.


Dylan Cohen works as a youth organizer at First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition. Dylan coordinates a grassroots group of youth to inform policy makers through creative action and contemporary advocacy tactics. Dylan will be speaking on how to engage your student body on advocacy and effective lobbying.

Large Scale Events

Justin Pandos heads Talent and Business Development at Blueprint University. Having worked with nearly every talent management firm and agency across the world, Justin has booked international artists for venues ranging from nightclubs to festivals.


Duke Indrasigamany has worked with Electronic Arts as Director of Content and Digital Strategy, and has recently taken on a new role with UBC as the Director of Student Communication Services. With over 10 years experience in consumer marketing, and media relations Duke will be speaking to how tobest engage your student population through accesibile information.

Services: Understanding Student Needs

Ron Gorodetsky has worn many hats - from the AMS Student Services Manager to Business Manager for the campus newspaper to start-up founder. All of his past experiences have informed his business that seeks to help organizations operate as efficiently as possible and use data to understand and evaluate their community's needs and how to serve them best. Gorodetsky will be speaking about the best ways that student organizations can capture and apply the power of data to make smarter decisions and create and operate better services that meet students' evolving needs.

Your Student Union Building

Mark Mehrer is a Senior Prinicipal with Resource Planning Group Inc. at the firm's Vancouver office. Mark specializes in the planning and programming of community and higher education facilites. He will be joined by Michael Kingsmill, the architect who designed the AMS Nest, and by Dean Tamboline, a former BCIT student who was part of the BCIT Student Association's Space Committee. Mark will be using BCIT's proposed second Student Association building as a case study for envisioning and building your student space.

What's different?

SUDS aims to improve the workshop experience year after year. Our goal is to provide content that enhances and builds upon the knowledge that you already have, inspires innovative ideas, and provides you with tools and actionable strategies to incorporate within your student society.

This year's presenters will not only provide insightful lectures but engage with the delegates to provide a platform for discussion, idea sharing, and collaboration.



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