The goal of SUDS is to bring together student union representatives from across Canada and provide them with a platform to share their experiences, ideas, and best practices for running a successful student-oriented organisation. By so doing, the delegates will gain valuable insights into improving their respective student unions - all in addition to learning tangible personal skills that translate to both the student government and the professional world. 

SUDS is an ever growing conference where ideas and personalities can come to meet in a space that is as beautiful as it is inspiring. SUDS has no political or partisan affiliation and you do not need to be the member of any group or coalition to attend. It's a great opportunity to network with bright individuals like yourself!

The key focus of the UBC AMS is to improve and enhance the learning experience of students at the University. In this effort, we coordinate with other student unions across the country, sharing our experiences, struggles, efforts, and improvements to provide a more comprehensive operation and governance structure to better serve and represent our students.